Recipient Testimonials


"This was probably five or six years ago. I was in the second semester of nursing school, and bartending at Cattlemen's on nights and weekends. I hurt my back and my doctor told me I would need surgery or else I'd lose function in my leg. The surgeon wanted the surgery performed as soon as possible. I would have to drop out of nursing school that semester and I wouldn't be able to work for three months. We had two children at the time, three and one years old. I made the difficult decision to have the surgery, knowing the burden it would place on my family. My husband was there for us the whole way, helping with the kids while working full-time. He's such a great husband and father. We have medical insurance which paid for most of the hospital bills, but we're a two-income family, and with me not working for three months, we knew we would struggle to pay our bills. I took out some student loans, but it wasn't enough. It was hard to ask for assistance, but we reluctantly applied for aid from Thirst for a Cause. We were approved, and they paid our mortgage and some other bills during my recovery. Without Thirst's help, I don't think I could have afforded to attend nursing school the following semester. I've worked in the restaurant industry for over 20 years. So has my husband. I still bartend at Cattlemen's on weekends even now that I'm a licensed registered nurse with a fill-time job. We love the industry that much. It's like a family. Thank you Thirst for a Cause for helping us through a tough time in our lives! We have four children now, and life is good. We are so humbled and grateful for what you did for us. Thank you!!!"